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Our Story

What is a "Country Barbie" ?

Someone who is at home at any type of event, large or small!

They have a style all their own and can fit in anywhere!

" Wanna Party.... Call Country Barbie "

The Country Barbie Band is about bringing the passion of performing , entertaining and song writing to the world.

Autumn Christensen (Lead / Harmony Vocals, Percussion)

Born in Calgary, Alberta (raised and in Okotoks, Alberta), Autumn began singing at age 9.
At around the same time, she began writing short stories.This lead to her writing her first song  "I Found You".
She has written many songs since then ( about 40+).

She has performed at rodeos, sung the national anthem at many local events and won talent shows.

Autumn is also a gifted horse wrangler.
She has worked on various commercials (Toyota, BMW and Audi) and worked on the Academy Award winning movie filmed in Alberta,
"The Revenant" staring Leonardo Decaprio and Tom Hardy.

She also is an avid country setting photographer.

Music is Autumn's passion and it shows in her performances.

Peter Friesen (Drums & Percussion, Guitar, Lead / Harmony Vocals)

Born in Wpg. Manitoba, Peter began singing and playing piano at age 8. He began playing drums at age 11.
He auditioned and began his singing/drumming career at age 12.
He has played many styles of music and enjoys performing for a live audience.

Peter has played for CCMA legend Mr. Ray Griff and has opened for April Wine and Kim Mitchell.

He has played with many indie artists and is currently doing some work with indie country recording artist Mark Lorenz.

When he isn't performing, Peter works as a music instructor teaching drums, percussion, guitar and ukulele.

J.P. Poirier (Lead Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Classical Guitar, Bass, Percussion , Lead / Harmony Vocals)

Jean-Pascal was born in Gaspe Quebec and grew up in a small village 45 minutes away.
He was surrounded by music growing up. His mother sang and father and uncles played many instruments,
which inspired J.P. to play guitar.

Later he sat in with his father's band playing drums.

J.P. studied Classical guitar for 3 years and then completed a 4 year Jazz degree from the University of Quebec under Claude Dyotte.

Moving to Alberta in 1999, he toured across the U.S. with Edmonton based  "Shameless" till 2001.
Moving to Vancouver in 2001, he then joined Vancouver based "Steel Horse" working with them till 2005.

He then played with various artists in B.C. until moving back to Alberta in 2011.

Since then , J.P. has played with various Alberta based indie artists.

When not performing, J.P. works as a music instructor teaching guitar, bass and percussion.

John Frainetti (Bass Guitar , Lead / Harmony Vocals)

John has played in many types of musical situations, playing rock, pop, country, blues, R&B and Latin music.

His last project was the 80's tribute band Retrobution.






Mike Malibu (Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Backing Vocals)

Mike began playing professionally at age 18.

He has 4 years of jazz college and many years of live performance/recording experience.

He has played in many types of musical situations, playing rock, pop, country, blues, r&b, jazz and Latin music.



We are very happy to have with us, a person with over 40 + years experience in the area of Sound & Light production.
John Ouellette of Ouellette Sound and Light Productions 1-  403 - 869 - 1538,  has done everything from small corporate events to large festivals.
Thank you John for all your past and future help!


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